Sea fishing on Kamchatka

We offer sea fishing in the waters of the Avachinsky Bay in the areas of the islands of Toporkov and Starichkov, Cape Dangerous. In the bays of Locust, Salvation, Nameless, Quiet.

Sea fishing enough large sizes will leave an indelible impression of "fight" against a halibut. The halibut reaches 230 cm of length and 94 kg of weight. There live 25 – 30 years. The good biting will make your stay on Kamchatka pleasant and unforgettable.

Subjects to fishing: halibut, greenling, flounder, lenok, cod, perch, navaga.

Program of a round of sea fishing.

1 day. Meeting at the airport. Moving to the boat. Loading. Departure on fishing. Fishing.

2 – 9 day. Fishing.

10 day. In the morning - fishing. Moving to the airport to a plane flight.

The price of a fishing tour is 300,000 rubles


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Vakhrin Alexander Alekseevich
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