Hunting and fishing in Kamchatka

Legendary opportunities for hunting snow sheep, moose, brown bear and salmon fishing in the hunting industry for more than a quarter of a century working in the hunting service market under the guidance of a hunting biologist with 35 years of experience in organizing trophy hunting for hunters around the world. Favorable booking terms. The hunt with us is interesting and exciting, such - as it has existed for millennia.
About us

The peculiar nature of Kamchatka contributes to the habitation of animals, the distinctive feature of which is somewhat large compared to similar species living in the rest of Eurasia. Vast territories, not developed by man, favor the natural resumption and resettlement of wild animals in conditions of natural freedom. All this, together with the highest volcanoes of Eurasia and numerous thermal springs, makes hunting and fishing in Kamchatka unique.

We offer traditional scrub hunting, from the approach, from the stash, naked without the use of quadcopters, video tracking, photo traps, without searching and pursuit on technical means turning hunting into slaughter of wild animals using electronic and technical means. Hunting with us is interesting and exciting - such as it has existed for millennia.

Hunting is carried out in a hunting farm located in the east of the Kamchatka Peninsula from in the basins of the Watchtower, First, Second rivers flowing into the Kamchatka Bay.

In accordance with the administrative-territorial structure: the hunting farm is located in the southern part of the Ust-Kamchatsky district, the Kamchatka region and borders from the west with the Milkovsky district, from the south - with the Yelizovsky district.

We offer sea fishing in the waters of the Avachinsky Bay in the areas of the islands of Toporkov and Starichkov, Cape Dangerous. In the bays of Locust, Salvation, Nameless, Quiet. River fishing - on the Zhupanova River, the Bystroy River, the Watchtower River, the Kamchatka River, the Kolpakova River.

Hunters and fishermen are provided with experienced guides from among local residents who have the necessary reserve of words in English to accompany them. They are perfectly oriented on the ground. They can determine the trophy qualities of the beast at a distance, as well as qualitatively and qualitatively process your trophies. Most guides have 10-12 years of experience and successfully work with hunters and fishermen around the world.

The effectiveness of hunting is ensured by a sufficient density of hunting animals, knowledge of migration routes and distribution features over the land. Hunters have the opportunity not only to successfully shoot, but also to observe animals in their natural environment.

Accommodation as close as possible to natural conditions in heated wooden huts for 2-3 people. Shower, dining room in separate heated wooden huts. When hunting for a snow ram, stay in a field camp in tents heated by a wood stove. Dining room, shower in separate heated tents. The camps have generators and satellite communications.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yelizovo, hunters and fishermen are located in the best hotels in cities.

For misses, subs, wounds, refusal to shoot, the fee is not taken. Installment payment is possible in accordance with the contract according to the schedule proposed by the hunter. Booked (paid) hunt can be transferred at the request of the hunter, without additional payment, for another period, for the next season, to another hunter.

In addition, hunters are provided with fishing, as well as hunting for partridge and waterfowl.

The organizers of the presented hunting and fishing tours, professional hunters and hunters have been working in this type of activity since 1988, were the organizers of the first hunting and fishing tours in Kamchatka with the participation of foreign citizens.


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