Spring hunt for the Kamchatka brown bear

Traditional spring hunting for the Kamchatka brown bear in conditions of deep snow of 3.5-4 meters and warm spring sun. Additionally, wonderful fishing for large Arctic char and hunting for capercaillie, spleen and goose. Favorable booking terms. 
Spring bear hunting in 2024 will be held from May 1 to May 25.

Hunting a bear in spring is interesting and exciting because not melted snow allows you to "read" traces, and the lack of grass and foliage makes it possible to observe the beast from afar. It is possible to ski through the snow, which is easier and faster than walking in a snowless period. Hunting takes place in the mountains, in river valleys, on the shores of lakes and the ocean.

Leaving the den, the bear stays for several days, moving away from it no further than 15-20 meters. He spends bad luck and a cold night in the den. After about 7 days, the bear rises higher into the mountains, and wanders there for several days, basking in the sunshines, and will certainly go to the very crest of the watershed or the top of the mountain. Then the bear descends depending on the location to the river valley, to the shore of the lake or ocean, usually visiting the place where he fed before lying in the den. During this period, the bear is most active from morning hours to 11 and from 15 - 16 hours to 19 o'clock in the evening.

In the spring, hunters get up for bear hunting early - at 6 o'clock. At this time in the spring in Kamchatka is quite light. When hunters climb the mountains, they constantly observe binoculars. Having noticed the bear approach, they are in no hurry because the nast is rustling, even under skis sewn with nerves. If the wind is strong enough or at night there was cloudy warm weather (there is no present) then you can approach the wind without forgetting that the wind is "spinning" in the mountains. Otherwise, hunters wait until the nast "lets go," if necessary moving behind the bear at the preferred distance so that the beast does not learn. Not only is the bear short-sighted, bright sunlight blinds him too. It's an extra chance for a hunter. Sneak, however, you need to go to the wind and very carefully. In the spring, this beast is more careful and attentive. Often sniffers and listens.

Of other equipment, sunglasses are mandatory - since even in not even clear weather you can "grab bunnies" identical to electric welding. Hygienic lipstick and tanning cream are also needed. And neither one spares to smear often and in a thick layer. At a time when there was practically no hygienic lipstick, ordinary lipstick was successfully used. At the same time, the hunters looked funny because in order to avoid wind and cracks on the lips, you need to smear not only the lips, but also around them.

On spring hunting in the free time from hunting a bear, hunters have the opportunity to hunt capercaillie, goose and herring, fish on the river on the spinning and overhang, and also engage in ice fishing on the lakes.

Hunting camp

There are 3 hunters in the camp. Accommodation of 2-3 people in heated wooden hoods. Dining room, shower in separate huts. The camp has a generator, satellite communications, radio stations 8-10 km. actions.

Maintenance personnel

Cook, camp worker, translator (if necessary), for each hunter, one guide with a snowmobile and dart.

Hunting tour schedule and check-in/check-out schedule

Day 1. Arrival in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, moving by a comfortable bus for 6 hours to the area of Mayskoye to the helipad. Flight to camp by Mi-8 helicopter 55 - 60 minutes.

2nd - 5th day. Hunting.

6th day. Return to Elizovo (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky), hotel accommodation.

7th day. Departure to Moscow.

Travel on land by snowmobile, ski and snowmobile. When traveling on a snowmobile, the hunter is located in the backdrop of a snowmobile, or on a snowmobile controlled by a conductor.

- due to unstable weather, perhaps several will fall from hunting days;

- for misses, wounds, subs, refusal to shoot the fee is not taken.

Hunting tour booking procedure

After the conclusion of the contract within 5 banking days, the hunter must pay part of the advance payment for the services for organizing and conducting hunting in the amount of 200 000 Rubles to the organization's account. The unpaid part of the advance for the services of organizing and conducting hunting must be paid before March 15, at its discretion at once or in parts. The hunter determines the size, timing and number of payments on his own, but all this is entered into the contract that must be observed.




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