River fishing on Kamchatka

Fishing of a salmon in the country of volcanoes and thermal sources

Kamchatka not only the country of volcanoes, by right it is possible to call it also the country of the rivers and lakes known for the crystal purity, as attracts salmon breeds of fishes. Here still natural spawning areas of a salmon remained in original state therefore Kamchatka is paradise for the numerous tribe of fishers.

Fishing takes place since May 1 and lasts till November 1

Ways of sports fishing have the specifics and differ a little from each other. Three main methods are used:

1. Fishermen, standing on the coast, are active spinnings, throwing far away a spinner, and try to get to conducting under a nose passing, somewhere in depth to a big fish.

2. By means of the motor boat, the efficient place is looked for where the boat to anchor. Rods are placed on a current, further it is necessary only to wait when your fish approaches.

Program of a round of river fishing.

1 day.

Meeting at the airport.

Departure on the river.

The device in the base camp.



Spending the night in tents.

2 - 9 day. Fishing. Spending the night in tents.

10 day. Departure in the airport.

The price of a fishing tour is 200,000 rubles




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